East Ren folk have better lives

PEOPLE living in East Renfrewshire have the third highest quality of life in the country, according to a new survey.

The Bank of Scotland Quality of Life Survey should that the area came just behind the Shetlands and Aberdeenshire which were first and second respectively.

Areas examined included crime rates, average life expectancy, employment and earnings, health and school performance.

According to the survey, East Renfrewshire scores well against the rest of Scotland on employment rate, higher than average life exspectancy, residents regard themselves in good health and pupils excel in school exams.

The highest weekly average earnings are in East Renfrewshire (£729 per week) followed by Stirling (£723) and East Dunbartonshire (£675).

Eight out of 10 households have a good level of broadband access (ie a download speed of 2Mbps is regarded as the minimum for good broadband service) in half of the local authority areas surveyed.

Life expectancy is also high with an average of 78.3 years.

The Bank of Scotland Quality of Life Survey covers 32 local authorities across Scotland and is based on data gathered from a number of sources, including Bank of Scotland, Point Topic (Broadband access), ONS, DEFRA, the Met Office, the Department for Transport, Department of Children, Schools and Families, the Scottish Executive and Experian plc.