Eaglesham pom pom team head to the USA

Eaglesham's Phoenix Flames are readying themselves for Orlando.
Eaglesham's Phoenix Flames are readying themselves for Orlando.

Eaglesham’s very own American cheerleading group,the Phoenix Flames are dancing for joy as they get ready to travel - to the USA!

The group of 16 girls of mixed ages were chosen after they competed at the British Cheerleading Association competition in Newcastle where they won a bid to compete at Dance Worlds 2016.

The girls are serious about their sport and train three nights a week, perfecting their routine for this major international challenge.

The girls and their families have to fund the trip themselves but they have been hard at work on the fundraising front with bag packing to help with the costs.

A group spokeswoman said: “Last year 32 teams around the world competed in the ‘International Open Pom’ division and our girls came a brilliant 11th on their first day.

“This year we imagine that there will be the same amount of teams, but we are hoping to do even better this time.

“We are all super excited and can’t wait, our dance and cheer team have younger girls and boys who look up to the girls and are inspired that one day it could be them competing at this extraordinary event.”

The competition runs over two days, from April 23-25 at at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando.

Dance Worlds is hosted by The United States All Star Federation (USASF), and is the largest competition of its kind bringing the best teams from around the world to compete on one stage.

If you feel you can offer assistance in the funding of this trip contact the Extra on 0141 419 4245 or by email on: john.macinnes@jpress.co.uk