Drop in deliberate fires across East Renfrewshire

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A crackdown on wheelie bin fire thugs in Netherlee has been a success, according to police and fire chiefs.

Recent statistics showed that the number of deliberate fires started across East Renfrewshire dropped from 69 to 43.

In May this year a row erupted after Netherlee residents reported cars catching fire as a result of bin being stolen and set alight by youths.

At that time Police Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty insisted officers would take action.

He said: “We continue to work with our partners in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service tackling the thefts, and subsequent setting on fire, of wheelie bins in the Netherlee area of East Renfrewshire and we are again pleased to report that there was a significant reduction in these incidents from the last quarter’s report.

“Together, campus officers and fire officers are presenting inputs to secondary school pupils around the dangers and impact on communities that anti-social behaviour and the wilful setting of fires has.”

A report by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service showed that of the 43 deliberate fires, just five were started in Clarkston, Netherlee and Williamwood.

The majority– 28 in total – were started in Barrhead, Liboside and Uplawmoor.

The report said: “There has been a significant reduction in incidents compared to the previous year.

“The majority of these fires started between 5pm and 11pm which leads us to believe that these fires are started by school age children.

“Anti-social behaviour talks were delivered to schools by the community action team to explain the dangers and financial consequences of deliberate fire starting.”

The statistics also showed that there were 11 accidental house fires with one casualty.

The number of false fire alarm signals rose by one per cent to 75. Those came at a cost of £147,750.