Drivers! Leave us a lane

DRIVERS who flaunt the law and use bus lanes face a hefty fine, according to Glasgow city council.

The authority has indicated that, as of April 23, there will be an enforcement of the rules in place and any driver found to be abusing them could face a fine of up to £60.

The council said it is taking this action as the bus lanes help speed up travel for commuters while this is undermined by drivers using them.

The only vehicles alowed to use bus lanes apart from buses are cyclists, taxis and licensed private hire cars.

All other vehicles are prohibited from using the lanes.

A digital camera system will be used to check if drivers are complying with the law and those who don’t will be sent a charge notice.

This is a letter which will contain details of the breach, details of the vehicl3 and three photographs which show the vehicle as it is in breach of the rules.

The registered owner of the vehicle has the right of appeal within 28 days without paying the charge.

Any appeals made outwith this time limit may be rejected.