Drivers given a bumpy ride over potholes

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More than £480,000 was spent on repairing potholes in East Renfrewshire in 2017/18.

New Freedom of Information data obtained by revealed motorists have been given quite the bumpy ride with 13,470 potholes reported in one year.

East Renfrewshire has the third biggest pothole problem of the top five local authority areas in Scotland with the biggest pothole problem, with the total depth stretching to 539m deep – that’s 3.1 times the depth of the English Channel or the same height as 359 cars!

It’s not all bad news, the local authority is the only one in the top five not to have had to pay out compensation to motorists.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, said: “The number of potholes reported in the UK has increased by two per cent in the last year, and it’s a battle councils continue to fight.

“If motorists come across a pothole they should report it to their local authority before it gets any worse.”

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesman said: “We carry out routine safety inspections of our roads and any safety issues, including potholes, are recorded and repairs scheduled.

“Our safety inspections are carried out regularly in accordance with our standard procedures.

“We aim to keep our roads as safe as possible for everyone in East Renfrewshire. We encourage all residents to report any potholes through our online form that can be found on the Council website.”