Driven round the bend?

THANKS to a new ruling by the European Court of Justice, car insurers can no longer charge different premiums to men and woman because of their gender.

This will mean that females will no longer be charged less than males for car insurance.

Southsiders are split about whether this change is a good one.

Linda Gillies (51), a classroom assistant from Newton Mearns said: “It’s not fair, women are safer drivers.

“My son and husband are far more careless than I am”.

Retired 81-year-old from Newton Mearns, Ronald Martin told The Extra: “Insurance companies charge premiums based on their calculations.

“There is just cause to charge men more as there is more risk.

“Men are more likely to have an accident, it’s not sexual discrimination — it’s fact”.

Sharon Mail — a 52-year-old writer from Newton Mearns — disagrees with the ruling: “Men should just learn to be better drivers, now woman will be charged for male carelessness”.

Simon Morrison, a 34-year-old driving instructor from Woodfarm, believes “the ruling will just make insurance even more extortionate and price more people out of cars.

“Even the fines for driving without insurance are cheaper than driving with insurance . This needs to be looked at”.

Judith Brown, shopping with two-year-old granddaughter Naomi, added: “Men are always far more likely to speed and race.

“It is unfair everybody will now be charged the same”.

Retired highway engineer Tino Ross (62) from Giffnock is pleased with the new legislation.

He said: “What sex you are doesn’t determine whether you are a good driver or not. It’s all down to experience”.

Liz Simm — a 43-year-old shop manager from Giffnock — worries about her childrens’ safety following the ruling.

She added: “It is far safer for females to be driving rather than walking home or hanging round bus stops.

“This will price a lot of woman out of driving and put them in harms way”.

Duncan McFadyen, a 56-year-old nurse from Eaglesham said: “The policy as it was, was absolute nonsense.

“Drivers should earn low insurance rates by experience and efficiency.

“It should have nothing to do with gender”.