Double exposure

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JON Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Morrissey and Rod Stewart all in one week – sound like a good run of gigs?

Alright, so we can’t promise that good a line-up – but far from denying the humble tribute band a look-in, this week Scene focuses on the art of imitation. It’s certainly the week for it, as Glasgow is inundated with great pretenders all vying for the attentions of classic rock, metal and indie fans.

First up is Bad Name – a tribute to everyone’s favourite 80s perma-rock group Bon Jovi (no prizes for guessing where the name comes from).

The Edinburgh group can recreate all the songs from Bon Jovi’s 25-year back catalogue, and are this Friday playing an intimate gig at Ivory Blacks — mullet and bleached denim optional.

Continuing with the same genre (with just an added dose of metal) the Garage is hosting a Classic Rock Legends night on Saturday, with acts Twin Lizzy, Damaged Inc, Sabbatica and Judas Beast taking to the stage.

On then to the biggest of the tribute acts in Glasgow this week – a band called The Smyths, playing at the 02 ABC also on Saturday.

Entering as a look-and-soundalike into the coveted and somewhat pretentious world of 80s indie pop outfit The Smiths is perhaps a dangerous manoeuvre.

After all, how many die-hard Morrissey fans would put up with someone imitating their strutting idol without throwing some kind of strop?

Quite a few, it seems — this London-based group have courted positive publicity from the national media more than once, and with eight years of performing under their belts show no signs of stopping.

And if you just can’t do without the real thing, there is one original act performing at The Ferry on Saturday – with just one minor difference.

Apart From Rod are – you guessed it – the members of the original Rod Stewart group, reformed without their famous front man.

While we can’t promise huge stadium venues and screaming fans for any of the shows, guaranteed is a more intimate way of enjoying your favourite bands – and without the star ticket price.