Dog dirt is a blight on Clarkston

East Ren dog owners are asked to dispose of waste responsibly
East Ren dog owners are asked to dispose of waste responsibly

It’s the pet hate of many pedestrians — and now businesses are calling on lazy owners to clean up after their dogs.

Norrie and Debbie Stewart contacted The Extra after facing a clean up at the door of their boutique À bientôt on a busy Saturday morning.

Norrie said: “Staying on the theme of what threatens the survival of businesses in Clarkston, Debbie would like to thank the dog lover whose lazy and antisocial attitude had her spend 40 minutes cleaning mess from the shop to let customers in.”

The Extra put the issue to social media, and it seems that dog fouling ranks high on the list of local grievances.

Clarkston resident Helen Waugh said: “Why have a dog if you won’t pick it up? I live in Woodyett Park and there must be someone who walks their dog there and never cleans up — it’s disgusting.”

Alison Cameron added Carolside Primary to a list of hotspots, commenting that a regular patrol already in place “needs to be later at night and early in the morning.

“It’s just awful to allow this and then kids step in it and it’s all through the school.”

Julie Rodgers added: “This is one of my pet hates. I have offered [other] dog owners poo bags when it was obvious they were going to leave without picking up. These owners give us all a bad name.”

A spokeswoman for East Renfrewshire Council told The Extra: “The message we are sending to dog owners is that it is unsightly and can be a health and safety risk to the public.

“It is an offence not to immediately remove dog mess from any public space. It should be picked up and disposed of by depositing it in the nearest dog waste bin, litterbin or in your bin at home.”

She added: “It’s important that locals use our ring and report helpline to report any dog fouling issues on 0800 013 0076.

“It’s a free service and the information is used to target patrol areas for community wardens, who are authorised to issue fixed penalty notices.”

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