Divorce short grabs international acclaim

Director David Atkins presents a mini Oscar to script writer Ronnie Mail.
Director David Atkins presents a mini Oscar to script writer Ronnie Mail.

MEMBERS of three southside clubs stormed the red carpet recently as their short film proved a success at an international festival.

The movie is a collaborative effort between the East Renfrewshire Camcorder Club, Eastwood Writers and Write Camera Action, a Glasgow-based amateur dramatics group.

What started off as a competition for the writing group – where each member took on the task of writing a short film script – became the 10 minute piece Divorce Is So Final, penned by Ronnie Mail.

Eastwood Writers’ Ann Morrison told The Extra: “It’s about a young couple consulting their lawyer about seeking a divorce, and the lawyer regaling them with the ups and downs he has encountered in his married life” – although those responsible for filming suggest that there’s more of a twist in the tale.

Ann continued: “Talented actors were sourced by Write Camera Action, and the play was filmed and shown at one of our meetings in February, where Ronnie was presented an Oscar by the Camcorder Club”.

However, this intimate screening wasn’t the last, as the three groups then entered Divorce Is So Final in the 2012 British International Amateur Film Festival – and were pleasantly surprised by the result.

Vying against entries from all over the world, the short was presented with a three star award by organiser The Film and Video Institute.

The grading system states that a three star film is “well made, technically competent, keeps our interest and/or entertains” – and for the southsiders, it’s high praise for their collaborative effort.

Ann added that Eastwood Writers were “thrilled” with the result, and the Camcorder Club’s David Atkins – director of the piece – commented: “It has turned out to be a very successful venture and it’s great that local groups can get together and share our creative talents with such success.

“Getting three stars at an international film festival is quite an achievement for our local amateurs, and shows the strength of our clubs”.

For those interested in how it all ends, Divorce Is So Final is available to watch online, at www.eastrencamcorderclub.org.

More information on the groups can also be found at www.eastwoodwriters.org.uk and www.writecameraaction.org.uk.