Dim the lights for Earth Hour 2014

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GLASGOW has been dubbed a Super Local Authority by the World Wildlife Fund in recognition of its support for Earth Hour.

The global event takes place on Saturday (March 29), during which WWF encourages people to conserve energy with a symbolic light switch off for just one hour.

More than 150 countries take part, and in previous years iconic buildings like the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Opera House have taken part.

According to WWF, Glasgow is miles ahead at promoting Earth Hour, and residents are once again urged to turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment between 8.30pm and 9.30pm on Saturday.

Across the city, lights will be extinguished at the city chambers, Kelvingrove, Riverside, Clyde Arc (or squinty bridge), Glasgow Cathedral, Mitchel Library and the Doulton Fountain.

East Renfrewshire council has also signed up, and ERC environment convener councillor Vincent Waters said: “Earth Hour is an excellent way to show the people in power that you want them to do more to deal with global warming and climate change.

“I will be switching the lights in my home off for the hour — so why don’t you do the same on Saturday, and do your bit?”

Decorative lighting across East Ren will be switched off — and according to Savio D’Souza, of environmental group Greenshoots, local restaurants have expressed an interest in taking part too.

He told The Extra: “It’s a way of encouraging people to be aware of their energy consumption.”

To find out more, or to register for the switch off, visit www.earthhour.wwf.org.uk/signup.