Debt advice from ERC

ERC staff are offering help with money advice.
ERC staff are offering help with money advice.

EAST Ren council’s money advice team has started up a drop in centre.

The council says that the advice is free, confidential and impartial and aimed at helping residents with debt issues, including credit card debt.

The services will run on two days at two different offices.

One day a week will see advice being given from Barrhead council offices on a Wednesday between the hours of 8.45am and 4.30pm.

Barrhead council offices are situated at 211 Main Street, Barhead.

On the Thursday, the same service will be held at Eastwood council’s HQ at Eastwood Park, Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock.

The hours are the same as Wednesday.

Residents can visit the council’s website,, or call free on 0800 052 1023.

They can also e-mail staff on or text “money” to 0800 abd add their name.