Cult classic in the making

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AND now for something completely different, as the Tron blasts off to a far away galaxy - albeit with a familiar sound to the songs...

Cannibal Women of Mars lands at the city centre theatre this week, billed as an intergalactic rock n’ roll romp full of star-crossed lovers, wars between worlds and...songs by a member of Belle and Sebastian?

Mick Cooke has joined forces with Gordon Davidson and Alan Wilkinson to tell the tale of Martian princesses Yasmin and Pippa - maneaters, by all accounts.

But what will happen when they rebel - and who’ll end up eating who?

The cast includes Gavin Mitchell, of Still Game fame, who impressed crowds and critics alike in a recent stint in Casablanca: the Gin Joint Cut.

Cannibal Women of Mars seems like a cult production in the making, and we at The Extra are ready and eager for blast off...

Show runs July 9-20 at the Tron, 7.45pm start. Tickets £8-£16 from 552 4267 - advised for over 16s.