Crookston family win a boot full of prizes

Crookston family win with People Ford. Mark Gallagher has an inoperable brain tumour
Crookston family win with People Ford. Mark Gallagher has an inoperable brain tumour

A Crookston family who have had to struggle coming to terms with their son’s diagnosis of a brain tumour, are hoping their fortunes are changing.

Michelle Gallagher received the news that every parent dreads - that her son Mark (12) has a brain tumour.

It was a bombshell for the mum of two when her son’s disgnosis was eventually made two years ago at the former Glasgow Sick Kids hospital.

Having undergone 38 operations in the past two years Michelle received the devastating news that Mark’s tumour is now inoperable.

But, like any mum fighting for her children, Michelle has battled on and just this week learnt that funding has been found to provide Mark with a new treatment which they hope will not only slow down the growth of the tumour, but give the family precious extra time together.

And on top of that news, local Ford dealer, Peoples Ford pitched up at the family’s home with a boot filled to the brim with Hallowe’en goodies which the family had won in a competition run by the car specialists.

And, that wasn’t all, as the vehicle arrived accompanied by Batman and Robin who were determined to ensure the party atmosphere continued throughout the afternoon.

Mum Michelle, said: “The boys were really surprised. They were super excited but I don’t think it really hit them until everything had calmed down and they had all the prizes in front of them.

“The boys have been through a lot and more than ever it’s important we spend time together as a family.

“This win will help us celebrate in style and create memories we won’t forget.”

John Johannesen, head of marketing at Peoples Ford said: “Mark is such an inspiration and it has been an absolute privilege to meet him and have the opportunity to make this such a special and memorable Hallowe’en for him and his family.”