Crookfur Primary in home building project

Mansell Homes and Crookfur Primary
Mansell Homes and Crookfur Primary

The children at Crookfur Primary School have taken technology classes to a whole new level by designing and building a model of their ideal home.

Audrey Grubb, a teacher at the school and the catalyst behind the project first became involved in 2012 and felt it would be a good idea to ‘tweak’ the project and re-run it again.

“This was an ideal time to run it as we had the house builder, Mansell Homes working just down the road from the school”, she said.

The pupils were given a task for the school’s technology week where they had to work together as a team designing and building an ideal home or home of the future.

Bruce Hampton development manager for Mansell Homes said: “We were very keen to be involved once asked and sent some of our staff to talk the children through the various steps to be considered when choosing a site and designing a home.

“We then thought we could go to the next step and put up some prizes for the various classes involved in the project.

“It was a learning experience for us, but one that turned out to be a lot of fun which benefitted everyone.

“The children involved were all very committed to the project and showed some great design ideas.”

Audrey Grubb said: “There was a real buzz and excitement for the project and the children were very invested in their own designs.

“It also introduced them to professions that they might not have thought about before.

“The pack was designed in line with the Curriculum for Excellence in mind and staff from Eastwood High school were also involved to ensure continuity in both terminology and practise used across the project in primary and secondary settings.

“The high school continued their involvement by sending staff to help out with the design and construction of the model. It was a real partnership event.”