Women urged to join south side fightback against rape violence

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Thousands of women are expected to take part in the latest “reclaim the streets” march in Queen’s Park tonight, in the latest bid to bring safety to south side streets.

The “These Streets Were Made For Walking 2” event is a rerun of a march staged two years ago in answer to a catalogue of horrific sex crimes in the southside and elsewhere in Glasgow.

But in a new development the organisers have made it clear the demonstration must not be tainted by racism, amid fears that bigots could attempt to hijack the occasion for their own ends.

Instead they want to send a clear message to “both the perpetrators and authorities” that not enough is being done to protect women on the south side and elsewhere in the city.

They’re urging women of all ages, nationalities and religions to show solidarity with the victims of sexual assault - “whether from India, Romania, Pakistan or the West End”.

The inaugural march in 2014 followed a string of sickening sex attacks, and drew supporters from all over the city.

The organisers stated: “We are quite frankly tired of harassment, and the fear of assault being a part of our daily lives, simply because we are female.

“We are tired of being told when we can and cannot walk around our own neighborhoods as a ‘preventative measure’.

“Not to mention the taxi fares spent going from each others houses after dark for fear of walking alone!

“Well, what we’re suggesting is that we stop putting the onus on the victim and what they can do to be ‘responsible’ re their own safety, and instead focus the blame right where it should be – on the rapist.”

Tonight’s march leaves from Queen’s Park Baptist Church at 8.30pm.