Top cop settles into new role in East Ren

Inspector Bryan McGeoch settles into his role at East Ren.
Inspector Bryan McGeoch settles into his role at East Ren.

East Renfrewshire’s new man at the helm of Police Scotland’s local stations says he has a ‘vested interest’ because he also lives locally.

Inspector Bryan McGeoch, who has more than 23 years of service experience to draw upon, has been highlighting the areas policing priorities as he settles into his latest role.

He told The Extra: “I do miss frontline policing, but this presents a new challenge. East Renfrewshire is an interesting place to work and I thoroughly enjoy it. I live in the area so I have a vested interest in what goes on.

“What’s different from other places I’ve worked is that it has some of the lowest crime levels in mainland Scotland.”

He went on: “Locally people are worried about youth drinking, anti-social behaviour and disorder, violent crime and their houses being broken into.

“But over the last year there has been a reduction in the number of housebreakings across the sub-division.

“This is down to having officers out on patrol and good crime scene management when we get there.

“We also have the support of a specialist housebreaking team from the division who make sure that we don’t leave any stone unturned.”

He added: “Like many other areas in Scotland, there are new houses being built in East Renfrewshire just now, so there’s a bit of an up in the population, but the crime levels remain relatively low.

“Like anywhere you have good weekends, and you have bad weekends.”

Police Scotland has created a plan to drive forward their commitment to working with partners and communities to deliver agreed outcomes for those who live and work in East Renfrewshire.

Local policing priorities have been identified as: Homes being broken into; antisocial behaviour and general disorder; violent crime; drug dealing and crime related to drug misuse, and child abuse including child sexual exploitation.