Thieves target stairs

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COPS in the southside central ward have issued a warning to residents following a spate of unusual thefts.

The Strathclyde community policing team is investigating a high number of incidents where metal nosing has been stolen from tenement staircases in Govanhill.

Inspector Eileen Taylor estimates that there have been more than 10 cases in the last few months, leaving a costly repair sum for Govanhill Housing Association.

She told The Extra: “Many think it’s the council or the housing association carrying out work, because the thieves are wearing high visibility jackets to look like workmen.

“In one instance, a man even offered to make them a cup of tea.

“We’d like to highlight the issue to the community — this isn’t official work by a legitimate team, it’s theft.

“We would like to hear from anyone who sees this happening because we want to catch them — please come forward and let us know on 532 5350”.