Thefts from cars spike as campaign kicks off

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Police are investigating a spate of thefts from cars in the Clarkston area — and reminding residents to ensure their doors are locked at night.

A total of nine incidents were reported between Wednesday and Friday, with areas hit including Overlee Road, Dorian Drive, Vardar Avenue, Quarrybrae Avenue and Hillview Drive.

Items stolen include a laptop, children’s bikes and iPods and, according to inspector Alan Dickson, the incidents are believed to be result of cars being left unsecured.

Inspector Dickson told The Extra: “People are not getting the message that they need to ensure their vehicles are secure.

“These are opportunistic crimes, but residents need to play their part. We ask that everyone check and double check their car doors are secure when parking up at night.”

The spate follows the launch last week of Operation Quarterlight, a Police Scotland initiative tackling vehicle break-ins and thefts.

More than 70 vehicles have been stolen each week across Scotland since November — and more than 230 per week have either been broken in to or had items stolen from them.

The advice from Operation Quarterlight includes removing all valuables from your car, or keeping them out of sight, securing the vehicle at all times and never leaving keys in the ignition.

Officers also warn against leaving keys where they can stolen easily, for example by the front door or in the hallway.

Inspector Dickson added that a southside Operation Quarterlight team will be taking up the Clarkston cases “to more effectively link crimes across the area.

“Plain clothes officers are out and about now and using forensic opportunities to investigate this spate of thefts.”

Anyone with information is asked to call non-emergency number 101.