Staying secure

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COPS have issued a warning to East Renfrewshire residents to ensure that their home is secure before retiring to bed.

Following a number of thefts from houses, inspector Alan Dickson, of Giffnock police office, is reminding householders that it is their responsibility to make sure their doors are locked.

He told The Extra: “I do not want to worry residents, but it is up to them to make sure that their property is secure.

“If a thief can’t gain access then they’ll move on — so please double check all doors and windows before going to bed at night”.

A 44-year-old man was detained in custody on Monday following the theft of car keys from a house on The Loaning in Giffnock — the suspect appeared in court the following day.

Another incident took place in the Stewarton Road area last Friday, and two cars were stolen – police are still investigating the matter.