Sneak thefts from bowling club leads to allegations of lax security.

Police were alerted to the theft at the bowling club.
Police were alerted to the theft at the bowling club.

Bowling club members from Glasgow Indoor Bowling Club were shocked last night (September 25), to find they had been the subject of a sneaky series of thefts.

The members, who had been playing at the Prospecthill Road club during the 6.30 to 8.30pm session, had returned to the locker room only to find that car keys, wallets and mobile telephones had been stolen.

It has been alleged that the club management, which also rents space to a Slimming World group on a Monday evening, had left a security door unlocked to allow easier access to that group’s members, and that this is how the thieves had gained access.

One member, Jim MacDonald told The Extra: “I lost the keys to my BMW 420. I’ve been in touch with the manufacturer, and to replace the locks and keys will cost me £700. I’m considering making a claim against the club, albeit with a heavy heart. However, no door should be left insecure as anyone can walk in, which is exactly what has happened.”

The club has CCTV of the males involved. On the night in question some members who had wallets and other personal items stolen managed to track one of the telephones using its GPS signal to around Butterbiggins Road. It has been further alleged that the police were advised but refused to attend, claiming they had no jurisdiction in cases such as this involving GPS telephone trackers.

Gordon Wood, the bowling club manager refused to make any comment on the incident.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Police were called around 8.40pm on Monday, September 25, to a report of a theft from premises on Prospecthill Road. Enquiries are continuing into the matter.”