Show cold callers the door

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TRADING standards officers have issued a warning to East Renfrewshire residents not to deal with ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ doorstep callers.

The area is a key target for con men who knock on doors and offer roof repairs, driveway or gardening work.

According to the East Ren team, the price offered on agreement often rises steeply as the work goes on – and the work is rarely done properly, if at all.

Residents are reminded that stickers are available from council sites, allowing you to display a No Cold Calling sign on your door.

Principal trading standards officer Steve Fox said: “Please affix a sticker to your door – there are two types, one for the outside and one for the inside glass on your door. If a cold caller ignores the sticker politely point it out to them and close the door. If they call again, complain to us”.

Environment convener, councillor Vincent Waters, added: “We hope this will help reduce the likelihood of people, particularly our older and vulnerable residents, becoming victims of crime in their home”.