Sheriff determines that fatal accident was avoidable

Scene of the crash on Cathcart Rd.
Scene of the crash on Cathcart Rd.

A Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of Jim Lochrie who was killed when a bus ran into him at a stop on Cathcart Road ruled it was avoidable.

Sheriff Kenneth Mitchell said the death may have been avoided if Mr Logue had followed medical advice or not driven at all.

David Logue, the bus driver responsible for the incidentwhich killed his colleague, after passing out at the wheel, should have followed medical advice after previous faints, the inquiry found.

Mr Logue worked with Mr Lochrie at First Glasgow’s depot in Victoria Road.

On the day of the crash, Mr Lochrie was waiting at a bus stop on Cathcart Road, when the Mr Logue’s bus ploughed into it.

Witness Stuart Purves told the inquiry how he went to help and found Mr Logue behind the wheel with his eyes wide open, staring into space and looking like “a mannequin”.

He said the driver said he ‘felt sick and had a sore head’.

Mr Logue was in tears giving evidence when he said: “I was doing about 20mph. The next thing I remember is someone banging. I came to and I was slumped over the wheel and there was a brick wall in front of me.”

The inquiry heard that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) was not informed by Mr Logue that he had suffered “dizzy turns” in 1998 and he did not report them prior to the accident which resulted in Mr Lochrie’s death.