‘Senseless’ graffiti mars local streets

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East Renfrewshire has seen a wave of offensive graffiti sprayed on walls of a residential new build, on garage doors and on the shutters of businesses across Stamperland.

Emma Kenny, manager of Enhance Hair and Beauty on Stamperland Crescent, arrived at work last Tuesday to be greeted by message ssprayed across a wall, including a derogatory reference to new Labour party leader Jim Murphy.

Emma told The Extra: “I arrived on Tuesday morning ready for work and was faced with graffiti so it must have been done late on Monday. I reported it to the council and they came a week later to clean it up.”

Much of the graffiti is seemingly posturing as a crude and naive message, some referring to conflicts and groups as far removed as Gaza and the IRA.

The graffiti, however, was dismissed by Stamperland councillor Ralph Robertson as “senseless and wilful”. He said: “This is new graffiti on the new McCarthy Stone flats at Randolph Drive. This is some sensless youth’s wilful damage.”

A council spokeswoman said: “We are not aware of it being a growing problem in that area, no.

“We would remind residents to use the council’s confidential ring and report scheme if they notice any anti social behaviour.

“So if you have a problem with graffiti, noisy neighbours, loud music, neighbourhood disputes, litter, fly tipping, or dog fouling please call 0800 013 0076.

“Whomever owns a building will need to sign a disclaimer before we can remove the graffiti.”