Racism admission from anti-racist

AN ANTI-RACIST café owner has confessed to making racist remarks towards police and staff at a southside takeaway.

Jimshaed Sharif (53) runs the southside’s Pakistani Café and had come in for abuse from Muslims in 2009 for serving alcohol and playing music at the establishment.

At the time, Sharif placed a note in the window of his establishment saying that bigots and racists were not welcome.

However, last summer Sharif was involved with racist attacks on a takeaway shop called Flames on Pollokshaws Road where he shouted abuse at staff, threw food at them and spat.

The café owner was ordered to keep away from the takeaway, but less than a week later he was back threatening to blow up the shop.

He also yelled racist remarks at two attending police officers.

Sentence on Sharif has been deferred until next month.