Police warning as bike theft figures continue to rise

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COMMUNITY cops have issued a warning to residents as the number of bicycle thefts across the southside continues to 

According to sergeant William Eadie, of Gorbals police office, there has been a marked increase in incidents across Shawlands, Pollokshields, Oatlands and the Gorbals.

Of these, more than 60 per cent of thefts are from communal closes with secure entry systems, and the majority take place during the day, between 7am and 10pm, with bike values ranging from under £100 up to £3,000.

Sergeant Eadie told The Extra: “Since April 1, there have been over 50 cycles in the south east area reported stolen which, in comparison, is an increase of 74 per cent since 2011.

“Bicycles are in the top five items that opportunity thieves will steal, due to their portability and ease of onward selling, and research shows that you are more likely to have your bicycle stolen than your car.

“Instances of theft could be greatly reduced by improving bicycle security and simultaneously increasing the chances of cycles being recovered by recording details of your bike.”

Officers recommend five steps to reduce the likelihood of theft, the first being parking in well-lit, busy, CCTV-covered areas using official bike racks where possible.

Invest in two quality bike locks of different styles and ensure all removable parts of your bike are secured.

Store the bike safely at home — out of sight and, if possible, secured to a solid object.

Have your bike marked so that it can be identified if found, and ensure that it is insured and registered with a site such as immobilise.com, bikeshepherd.org or bikeregister.com.

Anyone who becomes a victim of bike theft is advised to report it to police as soon as possible, providing a serial number, photo and any identifying features.

Sergeant Eadie added: “A bike registered as stolen on the websites above has a 10-30% chance of recovery, compared with 1-4% for an unregistered cycle.”

For more information, visit the Police Scotland website.