Police chief seeks views on estate sale

Is the southside about to lose local police offices?
Is the southside about to lose local police offices?

Police Scotland announced a review of their estate last year when The Extra revealed that both Giffnock and Barrhead stations were under threat.

Now local commander, Chief Inspector Angela Carty is sounding out local opinion before any final decision is made on office closures.

She said: “Police Scotland is currently assessing its estate requirements with many of its buildings no longer meeting current operational requirements.

“The Force’s ongoing strategy is focused on providing facilities which will support policing to local communities across the Greater Glasgow area. This means we need to consider the viability and suitability of some of our properties and whether they match service demand.

“As a result, the future of Giffnock and Barrhead Polices Office are currently under review.

“Any future decisions are very much built upon local decision-making and consultation with communities.

“I would like to stress that there is no proposal here to rationalise police officers, civilian posts or to remove police officers from any area. The police presence currently enjoyed by communities will be maintained and local residents can be assured that police officers will remain visible and accessible.

“What is essential is effective, open and engaging dialogue with our local communities and partners. This collaboration will help us to identify the most efficient use of resources that meet local community needs.

Any comments or questions you may have can be brought up at any East Ren community council meeting, all of which are open to the public, and where a member of Police Scotland staff will be present.