Police campaign seizes over 100 cars

OVER 100 vehicles were seized from unlicensed or uninsured drivers during a three day police campaign last week.

The action, coordinated by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) ran August 14-16, during which officers reported a total 248 driving offences.

Of those, 179 were in relation to drivers using cars without insurance, and 69 were in relation to driving licence offences.

A total 104 cars were seized for consideration of forfeiture by the courts.

Once incident took place in the southside, around 1.10am on Thursday, August 16.

Police apprehended a 31-year-old man who took his father’s red Vauxhall Astra without permission before making off with another vehicle – a marked police car – and driving with no lights on and the passenger door wide open.

The police car was traced and found outside his home address, and the man failed a roadside breath test – he was then arrested for dangerous and careless driving, drink driving, driving without insurance and taking a vehicle without consent of the owner.

Chief superintendent Ralph Noble, ACPOS lead on the campaign, commented: “Once again we have seen that people are prepared to flout the law while driving their vehicles.

“Drivers and vehicles are licensed and insured for a reason and to ignore the rules is unacceptable.

“People may think that they can escape the law but we have shown with this campaign that this is not the case.

“The police and law enforcement partners across Scotland will work together using all of the tools at their disposal to detect law breakers on our roads”.