Path parking row

Enterprise rent-a-car accused of blocking paths with hire vans.
Enterprise rent-a-car accused of blocking paths with hire vans.

A car hire company has been accused by neighbours in Giffnock of putting safety at risk by obstructing pavements with vehicles.

Now police have become involved after complaints over what has been termed the inconsiderate behaviour of Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

SNP Councillor Vincent Waters, of Giffnock & Thornliebank Ward, said: “Enterprise are being very selfish neighbours.

“I’m one of many local people who’ve pleaded with them to stop blocking pavements with their vans. It keeps falling on deaf ears, so now I’ve asked the police and the council’s enforcement services to step in.

“Residents should not have to walk on to the road because these vans take up the entire pavement.”

Enterprise said: “Demand for both cars and vans from our Giffnock site continues to increase.

“While we’ll soon be opening a new branch on Tradeston Street to keep up with growing demand and have been exploring alternative parking arrangements in earnest, we recognise that this situation requires a more immediate solution.

“As such, we have today decided to temporarily suspend the rental of large vans from our Giffnock location until the new branch is operational. We look forward to the understanding of our loyal customers in and around the Giffnock area as we do all we can to meet their needs.”

Inspector Alan Dickson told The Extra: “There is no offence of parking on the pavement.

“The Crown Office guidelines are that unless there is a substantive obstruction, there is little we can do.

“At this time there has been no official complaint regarding this company.”