Mindless vandals attack cars

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POLICE are on the hunt for vandals who damaged cars on Saturday night, causing damage which could run into thousands of pounds..

The wing mirrors of 17 cars — all on Deanwood Avenue in Netherlee — were damaged or knocked off during the night.

East Ren inspector Alan Dickson told The Extra: “Overall damage may run into thousands of pounds, as these are all relatively new cars.

“More or less every car on the street was targeted. A resident reported hearing shouting around 1am, and we need to hear from anyone who saw or heard anything at the time — or who has heard bragging about it since.

“Thankfully this kind of incident doesn’t happen often, but it’s mindless vandalism and has rightly upset people.”

According to the AA, mirror damage is one of the top three vandalism claims, 400 of which are made each year.

A spokesman said: “Based on the AA’s market share, that means around 13,000 claims per year altogether. If the typical cost of damage is £200, that’s a national cost to owners and insurers of £5.2 million each year.”

He added: “It’s not uncommon for multiple attacks on vehicles to be carried out by a group who think it’s a laugh — but it’s not a laugh for the victims.”

Anyone with info can contact police on 532 5700 or 101.