Merrylee nurse charged with assaults against children

Paisley Sheriff Court.   Pic by Kenny Williamson
Paisley Sheriff Court. Pic by Kenny Williamson

A nurse working in an as yet unnamed East Renfrewshire nursery has been charged with five assaults against children.

Laura Houston (24), from Merrylee, appeared at Paisley Sheriff Court on Wednesday, January 13, where she pleaded not guilty to all the alleged offences.

Houston is alleged in the court papers to have carried out five separate assaults by drawing with a marker type pen on the face of one little boy before dragging him around by the ankles and to have deliberately tripped children up, while in another case she is said to have force-fed a little girl to the extent that she was sick.

Another charge was laid that in the case of that same child, she shook her violently, pulled her arms thereby causing her to become distressed and upset.

She is further accused of hitting another little boy, repeatedly pushing another baby girl and assaulting a boy by pushing him, tripping him up and causing him to hit his head off a chair.

The court papers at the clerks office allege that Houston carried out the assaults on the babies, who were all aged one at the time between August 18, 2014 and February 2, 2015.

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware a complaint has been made in relation to a private nursery and this is currently the subject of a police enquiry. The council will provide its full support to that process where we can. The nursery is no longer one of our partnership nurseries.”

Trial was set for April 20.