Keep the burglars at bay

By following a few simple tips you can make it much harder for a thief.
By following a few simple tips you can make it much harder for a thief.

It’s that time of year when we stock our homes with the latest gadgets, expensive jewellery, designer goods, and also a time when we may let our guard down.

The Scottish Crime and Justice survey statistics showed that to April 2015 there were 20,607 housebreakings recorded.

Here we give you a few tips to help ensure your property remains just that - yours!

Improve the security potential of your doors. It is important to have a robust multi-point locking system,also, ensure that you have a latch and deadlocking system installed.

Do you have sliding back doors? These should be secured and have an anti-lift device fitted so they cannot be lifted from their frame from the outside.

Check your window locking systems. It is recommended these are fitted with lockable devices which cannot be released without a key.

Be secure, but also safe. Some doors can be locked from the inside. If that’s the case with yours, make sure you have a spare key in a convenient place, so that you can get out quickly in an emergency.

Ensure that you have a wide angle view of the area immediately outside the main entrance door to check on callers.

Consider a light sensor crime can be prevented by external detection security lighting that switches on after dark when someone is nearby.

A house alarm systems acts in two ways – to deter intruders, and detect the opening of a window or a door.

Lock rear entry gates and make sure your back garden is as private and secure as possible. Many burglaries start at the back, where no-one can see them taking place.

Do not leave ladders or steps visible in the garden, as they attract the keen eye of the burglar

If you’re away - try to make your home look occupied.Leave the lights on in the evening or use an automatic time switch.