Have you locked your doors?

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Cops in East Renfrewshire could be checking doors in a street near you in a bid to beat opportunistic thieves.

The community policing team is launching a four-day action June 8-11, with the nightshift team checking that house and car doors are locked.

Officers report yet another spate of sneak in thefts on Sunday, this time in Neilston — inspector Alan Dickson confirmed that a car and up to £20,000 of property was taken.

Inspector Dickson told The Extra: “The action is a return to old-fashioned policing; checking security and making sure front, back and car doors are locked.

“Our officers will be working until 3am across a small area of three or four streets — and if they find anything unsecured, they will chap and wake you up.”

Reaction to the initiative remains mixed among Extra readers. While some social media followers brand it a good idea, others are wary of intrusion.

Facebook follower Margaret Smeaton said: “Scary for old folk who haven’t read about it!”

Allan Davidson commented: “I’ll be asking them politely to leave. None of their business why my door is open, no law against it.”

Janette Thomson added: “Over the summer, opportunistic thefts often happen during the day when people are out in their gardens. Maybe checking on open doors during the day would be a better idea!”

The communities inspector reassured residents that officers will be in uniform and in marked cars.

He added: “I hope that people will understand that we’re out there trying to keep people safe. If they are annoyed, it should be at themselves, because they’re leaving their homes wide open.

“Some might object, but at least we’re getting people talking about it.

“We hope we can make people aware, and catch those committing these crimes by being out and about when they’re most likely to happen.

“We won’t be going into houses without permission but if we find property unsecured then we have to do something about it, and we will wake up the householder to drive the message home.”