Drink driving campaign finally hitting home?

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Police in East Renfrewshire have reported low levels of drinking and driving incidents this Christmas, despite a reduction in the drink-drive limit.

The new limit — lowered from 80mg for every 100ml of blood to 50mg — was introduced on December 5, to coincide with the annual Police Scotland campaign warning drivers not to take chances with festive drinks.

Speaking at the launch, Police Scotland assistant chief constable Bernard Higgins said: “There is no safe amount of alcohol in the body if you drive.

“Even at the new limit, you are three times more likely to die in a crash than if you had taken no alcohol.

“Our message is don’t risk it, don’t drink and drive.”

According to accident stats, an average of 20 people die on Scotland’s roads each year in incidents where drivers are over the legal limit.

But in East Renfrewshire, inspector Alan Dickson reports a “low level of offending this December”.

He told The Extra: “We hope this means that people are taking the message on board. Don’t risk it means don’t just chance it and drive after having a drink.

“Anyone heading to parties or nights out, please plan how you’re getting home in advance — book a taxi, use public transport or have a designated driver.”

The community cop also reports low levels of crime across the board in East Ren this month, as the local team have been hitting the main streets as part of their winter initiative.

However, inspector Dickson reiterated a warning to residents about ensuring doors and cars are securely locked following a number of low level thefts.

He continued: “We have issued this message before, but we’re continuing to see a number of opportunistic crimes in the area.

“Again, we’d like to ask residents to please ensure you double check the car door, the garage and the front and back doors before going to bed at night.

“Don’t give these thieves the opportunity to strike.”