Don’t make it easy for thieves, say police

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Security marking property offers a greater chance of goods being returned to their owner after theft.

That was the message from police in Glasgow this week.

A spokesman said taking the trouble to ID valuables also makes it harder for thieves to sell on.

Other actions to take include recording details of mobile phone, laptop, tablet, camera and other property at the website

Installing a tracker device on mobile devices can also help recover stolen items.

Police also warn against leaving personal possessions, such as handbags, unattended when out and about.

They say make sure personal items, including mobile phones are within sight and reach when in a bar or sitting at a table in a restaurant.

And try not to display cash, expensive items or jewellery too overtly.

Insuring belongings and making sure very valuable items are itemised will also help when claiming insurance, should the worst happen.

For further security, insurance firms advise owners to take pictures and keep as much detail of valuables as possible.

The advice follows a spate of opportunist thefts from cars in recent weeks and the arrest of a man after more than 30 items stolen from garden sheds were recovered.

The simple act of locking cars can prevent sneak theft.

Community police recorded a number of car break-ins near Whitecraigs Golf Course, where cars were left unlocked. Greenbank Garden, in Clarkston, was also a target of sneak thieves, helped by valuables being left in plain sight within cars in the car park.