Crime on the rise in East Renfrewshire – again

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Crime is on the rise across East Renfrewshire for the second year running according to Police Scotland figures.

Between 2017 and early 2018 there were nearly seven crimes committed a day as Police Scotland continued to struggle with a falling work force.

Crimes across the area have risen by 21 per cent compared with last year, as local politicians called for immediate action by the Scottish Government.

The figures published come on the back of an increase of nearly eight per cent in the previous year.

A rise in crime will come as no surprise to the local minority groups in East Renfrewshire.

Asian families had been targeted last year and fell victim to a spate of break-ins on their properties.

Whilst, the local Jewish population continued to be targeted by anti-Semitic abuse.

Eastwood MSP, Jackson Carlaw said: “The rise in crime for the second-year running is concerning. Paul Masterton MP and I have already held meetings between local community groups and Police Officers concerning break-ins in the area.

“The rise in crime is a clear demonstration that the SNP’s soft touch approach to justice is failing our local community.”

East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton added: “Crime is on the rise in East Renfrewshire and right across Scotland.

“The concerning figures coming out of Police Scotland are a result of the SNP slashing Police numbers and Officers increasingly filling out paperwork rather than patrolling our streets.

“Police Officers in East Renfrewshire provide a vital service as funding is cut from underneath them.

“Police Scotland need the support they deserve to continue to provide for the local community, it is time the Scottish Government took action.”