Cops launch anti-rape campaign

POLICE have launched a new campaign aimed at changing attitudes towards rape and sexual assault.

The We Can Stop It initiative is a nationwide scheme led by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) and highlights a new law reform.

The Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 has created a new range of offences relating to sex without consent, providing more focus on previously undetected crimes such as sex when the victim is asleep or unconscious, sex without consent through inebriation and male rape.

The campaign features images of young men aged 18-27 acting as positive role models and posing the question of how to prevent rape from happening.

The posters will be displayed across Glasgow clubs and pubs, and a video ad will be used online and on university and college campuses.

The advertising drive follows the formation of a new Strathclyde police unit set to review and improve the investigation of sexual crimes and gender-based crimes, in a bid to increase confidence in reporting them.

Chief superintendent George Nedley, leading the campaign, explained: “Reducing incidents of rape and sexual assault are a high priority for Strathclyde police and we welcome the change in legislation.

“We recognise a need within the force to review the investigations into this type of crime, in order to provide a more comprehensive approach and an enhanced service to victims.

“We will be working very closely and consulting with a wide range of agencies, including Rape Crisis, who we hope will be able to provide us with their views on how victims are dealt with, and how they believe the service that victims receive can be improved”.