Conman targets elderly 85-year-old in Barrhead

Elderly are warned of bogus callers
Elderly are warned of bogus callers

A frail and vulnerable OAP was targeted by a callous conman and duped into handing over a three figure sum of cash.

The householder, who resides in Springhill Rd, Barrhead had recently had some work carried out on her home after suffering some roof damage following the recent storms.

Her insurers had appointed a reputable company to undertake the work on their behalf.

The crook, who is described as being around 20 to 30 years of age, was wearing a boiler suit when he turned up at the property posing as a bona fide contractor, and was driving a long white vehicle with ladders on the roof.

This individual said he was there to complete the work on her home, took some photographs of the repairs and asked for a sum of cash which the elderly lady handed over.

A police spokesman said: “Enquiries have since confirmed he was not in fact from the company who carried out the original repair. We have seen one or two similar crimes over the last year or so and we would ask people who receive this type of follow up call to be vigilant.”

Police advice in cases such as these is if you’re not expecting a tradesman, check for identification, most reputable companies issue staff with some form, and, if you’re still unsure ask them to wait while you call the company they claim to be working for. If you still have concerns then report it to the police on the non emergency number 101.