Clutha tragedy families claim they have more questions now than before.

Scene of the tragic  helicopter crash at the Clutha Bar.
Scene of the tragic helicopter crash at the Clutha Bar.

Families of the 10 people who tragically died in the Clutha helicopter crash have been told fuel switches were in the off position when they should have been on.

Air accident investigators yesterday told the relatives in a briefing prior to the official publication of their final report which is due to be released on Friday.

In an unusual turn of events those briefed had been asked to keep the contents confidential until such time as the full report is published, however some relatives have spoken out claiming they now have more questions than answers.

The first group of family members were briefed yesterday, with a second briefing due to go ahead later today.

John McGarrigle’s father John was killed in the incident when the police helicopter crashed into the Glasgow pub on November 29.

Mr McGarrigle said he was “furious” at the contents of the report.

“I came here very optimistic, very hopeful knowing that the AAIB are very impartial.

“But I just feel really let down by those guys because these are the people that we came here tonight to get answers off of and we never got any answers.”

He added: “I know what caused the crash but I cannot say.”

Ian O’Prey, whose son Mark died in the bar, told STV News: “The pilot wasn’t at fault, that’s for certain.

“There were switches left on, or off, and the engine had fuel starvation, that’s basically it.”

He said there was no explanation why.

“We don’t know, we honestly don’t know,” he said.

Glasgow’s Lord Provost, Councillor Sadie Docherty, said: “Almost two years since the Clutha tragedy, I am acutely aware that bereaved families and friends are struggling to cope.

“They are in our thoughts and prayers as they express disappointment and frustration at their questions not being adequately answered.

“The council’s Major Incident Support Team will be available to anyone seeking assistance.”

The AAIB released an interim report last year which said both engines on the police helicopter failed.

The report said the engines had “flamed out” before the helicopter crashed into the packed bar.