Clarkston woman slates BBC over Savile

Caroline Moor from Clarkston - one of Savile's victims.
Caroline Moor from Clarkston - one of Savile's victims.

A Jimmy Savile victim fears there will be a repeat of his behaviour because the BBC still hasn’t learned the lessons from his decades of abuse.

Caroline Moore, (57), from Clarkston, was molested by the DJ when she was a 13-year-old hospital patient recovering from an operation to fuse her spine.

Rather than giving her a peck on the cheek, depraved Savile thrust his tongue down her throat.

The Dame Janet Smith review, published last week, revealed the corporation knew of complaints against pervert Savile, but senior management were not told because of a culture of fear.

Speaking about the BBC report, the mum-of-two said: “What I said years ago is more or less what has come out.

“It’s been proven many people knew what was going on.

“Anybody with a modicum of common sense would know he couldn’t have got away with what he was doing on such a wide scale for so long without people knowing about it and covering it up.”

“I don’t believe this will not happen again. I don’t believe this is the last time we will hear about something like this.

“It’s all very well to throw the toys out of the pram after the event but I don’t really think other people should carry the can because they didn’t do what they were supposed to have done.”

Speaking about Dame Smith’s findings, she said: “I’m not at all surprised. Unfortunately in these big corporations where there’s money and power if there’s any sign of scandal they very much want to shut down what could upset their apple cart.”

Caroline, paralysed from the waist down from the age of one, encountered Savile in 1971 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury, Bucks.

The DJ was so revered that he was given his own bedroom on the premises.

The Dame Janet Smith Review was established in October 2012 by the BBC to conduct an independent review of the culture and practices of the BBC during the years that Savile worked there. You can view the review here: