CCTV rolled out in bid to beat Govanhill crime

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CCTV cameras operating 24 hours a day are to be introduced in Govanhill in a bid to combat street crime.

The seven cameras will provide coverage of the south west quadrant, including Allison Street at Victoria Road, Gartuck St and Langside Rd, Calder St at Westmoreland St, Langside Rd and Annette St, and Dixon Avenue at Westmoreland St.

The cameras will be monitored from the Glasgow Operations Centre at Eastgate, where more than 450 public space CCTV points are managed.

It is hoped that, as well as providing a deterrent against crime, the cameras will also assist Police Scotland in developing evidence.

Southside central councillor Soryia Siddique welcomes the news, having campaigned for the implementation of CCTV in Govanhill.

She told The Extra: “Residents, specifically females, have raised ongoing concerns regarding fear of crime in the area.

“Last year I successfully campaigned for and welcomed Community Safety Glasgow commitment to implementing CCTV — it is now expected that, subject to technical work, the cameras will be operational by September.

“This is expected to provide a deterrent against crime, raise confidence in detecting crime and mitigate the fear or cime.

“This, combined with an optimised policing strategy, should help make Govanhill a better place to live.”

Govanhill made headlines last year following a spate of sexual assaults, resulting in a thousand-strong midnight march by protesters calling for more to be done — see letters, p38-39.