Car break-ins continue across East Ren

POLICE in East Renfrewshire have issued an ongoing appeal for car owners to check that their car and house doors are locked at night.

Last week, The Extra reported that officers had been called out to two instances of thefts from unsecure cars in Stamperland.

In both cases – in Stamperland Hill and Stamperland Avenue – money was taken from the cars, as well as a sat nav system stolen from the second vehicle targeted.

At the time, inspector Campbell Crawford appealed to residents to be vigilant – however, a further six incidents have been recorded since.

Another victim came forward this week to report that their car had been broken into on the night of July 29, or the early hours of July 30.

The incident also took place in Stamperland Hill, and the thieves made off with a pair of sunglasses, some money and another sat nav system.

The spate of thefts from cars continued after The Extra went to press last week, and between Wednesday night (July 1) and Thursday morning, three more vehicles were targeted – one on Elphinstone Road, another on The Loaning and a third on Burnside Road (all Giffnock).

Two more incidents took place the following night – the first between 10pm on Thursday and 7am on Friday at Newton Grove, and the second between 6pm and 8am on Poplar Avenue (both Newton Mearns).

Sergeant Colin Shearer, of Giffnock police station, told The Extra: “We’re asking that residents ensure their cars are locked at night, and that they remove valuables out of sight, if possible by taking them into the house, or by storing them in the boot”.

As reported last week, officers at the Giffnock station are also looking into two car thefts, which took place July 29-30 in Newton Mearns – in each case, it is believed that a vehicle was stolen after a householder left a window, door or patio door open.

Last week, inspector Crawford said that the car thefts were unrelated to the spate of car break-ins, but sergeant Shearer reiterated a warning, asking: “that people ensure their front doors are locked, to prevent further thefts”.

Anyone with information on any of the thefts can contact Giffnock police station on 532 5700.