Busby woman’s crime cash confiscated

A WOMAN from Busby has had a confiscation order made against her earnings from sale of cannabis

June Brown (49) had previously pled guilty to being involved in the supply of the drug and was sentenced to 250 hours community service.

Now the Crown Office has received a confiscation order for the sum of £45,696 from Paisley Sheriff court.

Lindsey Miller, head of the Serious and Organised Crime Division, said: “June Brown was caught selling cannabis from her home in Busby, East Renfrewshire, in March 2009.

“She was caught with approximately £3,000 worth of drugs and £10,300 in cash.

“This offence is classed as a lifestyle offence under the Proceeds of Crime Act – meaning that the court could look at her income over the six years prior to her arrest.

“On that basis, the court found that £86,777.80 could not be accounted for legitimately.

“Today’s confiscation order for £45, 696 represents the amount available to us at this time and is yet another excellent example of the wide-ranging powers of the legislation.

“The money will be added to the £44 million already gathered via the Proceeds of Crime Act and reinvested in the Cashback for Communities programme”.