Bogus callers target homes in the southside

POLICE have issued a warning to southside residents after an elderly woman was robbed in her own home by a bogus caller.

The 82-year-old was home alone at the property on Dargavel Path, Dumbreck, on January 5.

At around 9.50am, she answered the door to a man claiming to be from the water board and asking to check her water supply.

The victim stayed in the kitchen with the man, who asked her to keep a tap running continuously for 30 minutes.

A second suspect is believed to have entered the house during that time, making off with a three-figure sum of cash from another room.

The bogus caller is said to be between 40 and 50 years old, but police are unable to provide further description.

Constable Stephen McCabe commented: “Unfortunately there are people out there who see the elderly as vulnerable and an easy target.

“In this instance the culprits were extremely convincing which resulted in a quantity of money being taken”.

He continued: “I’d like to take this opportunity to warn the public that if in doubt of the authenticity of a workman, please ask for identification and if still in doubt then contact your local police office.

“I’d also like to speak to anyone else who may have been approached by this suspect or any other person in this way and has not already reported the incident to the police”.

Officers are urging members of the public to be careful about letting strangers into their home with a safety message and advice.

They stress that genuine callers will contact you again if turned away, and that representatives from legitimate companies will always carry identification with them.

Anyone with information on the Dumbreck incident, or a similar occurrence, can contact police on 532 5400.