Bogus caller incidents reported in southside

SOUTHSIDE officers are warning residents to be cautious following a spate of bogus caller incidents.

Last week, The Extra reported that an elderly woman in Dumbreck had been targeted in her own home.

Strathclyde police have recorded two further incidents, both involving pensioners, in the southside area.

On January 9, at around 12.30pm, an 80-year-old woman allowed a man into her home on Househillmuir Road in Pollok, as he claimed to be from the water board.

He engaged the woman in conversation while another man entered the house and stole a small sum of money. Both suspects then left in a silver car towards Peat Road.

On January 11, around 1pm, a similar incident occurred at Ashmore Road in Cathcart.

The 89-year-old householder allowed a man into her house after he asked about a potential leakage from the flat above— he then stole a three-figure sum of money from her.

Anyone with information on these incidents, or anyone who has been targeted in a similar way, can contact CID on 532 5600.