Barrhead fines dodger pays up

Barrhead fines dodger has Ford Focus impounded
Barrhead fines dodger has Ford Focus impounded

A Barrhead man who had dodged paying court-imposed fines for months got a nasty

shock when his car was clamped and then impounded.

The man who was convicted at Paisley’s Justice of the Peace Court for failing to comply

with a traffic signal and having no insurance, had to pay his backlog of £330 in fines

before his Ford Focus was released after being in the clink for 21 days.

He was one of eight fines dodgers from the Paisley and Kilmarnock areas who had to pay up after having their vehicles clamped in a crackdown on wilful non-payers. A total of £2861 in unpaid fines was recovered from the drivers, who also had to stump up expenses for removal of the clamps.

The drivers were among 54 non-payers across Scotland who paid more than £12,500 after having their cars immobilised.

In all cases, the offenders had opportunities to make payment of their fines at a reasonable and affordable instalment rate – but did not pay up. Fines enforcement teams then issued seizure orders and the vehicles were clamped.

A new electronic interface between the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service and the DVLA vehicle database has enhanced the ability to track down drivers with unpaid fines. They face having their vehicles clamped and taken into storage with additional fees mounting each day and ultimately scrapped or sold off if they do not settle their fines.

All defaulters are issued warnings before action is taken. Those in genuine financial difficulty can engage with enforcement officers to discuss payment terms.

SCTS Chief Operations Officer David Fraser said: “The fines enforcement team continue to be highly effective in securing unpaid fines – ignoring your fine is very unwise on the part of the offender.”