Bank refuses to hand back stolen cash

RBS Dalkeith Copyright: Google Streetview
RBS Dalkeith Copyright: Google Streetview

A Newton Mearns resident has slammed the Royal Bank of Scotland who are refusing to return cash they handed out to a fraudster.

Calum Cheshire, 20, had banked with the RBS from the age of 12 until he finally closed his account when they refused to return cash which was removed from his account fraudulently.

And now MP Kirsten Oswald, who took up Calum’s case has also severely criticised their handling of the case.

In July 2015 Calum first noticed the sum of £550 was missing from his account, having been withdrawn from the banks Dalkeith branch.

The banks admitted to Calum that the person who had withdrawn the cash did not have the bank card for the account, but produced a drivers licence, and that the person requesting the cash ‘looked like’ the individual on the licence. Calum had reported the loss of his licence to the police and DVLA in February.

Kirsten commented: “It is a sorry situation when a bank persists in refusing to return funds they issued in error, and compound this shoddy treatment by forcing Calum to drag them into a small claims court to get his money back.

“RBS has a responsibility to treat customers properly, even more so, because it is publicly owned. The way they have dealt with this case is appalling.

“Perhaps RBS think that if they ignore the issue long enough, it will go away. They are wrong.”

Calum told The Extra: I am determined to fight on to get the money which is mine.”

The RBS said: “We take fraud very seriously and investigated Mr Cheshire’s claim, however, we were not able to find evidence of fraud. Photo ID was produced to verify the identity of the person making the transaction and security questions were correctly answered.”