Anger over dog fouling problem

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CLEAN Glasgow may be targeting irresponsible dog owners in Pollokshields — but according to our readers, a lot more needs to be done.

Last week The Extra reported that the area was the focus of a two week clampdown, with wardens patroling and handing out on-the-spot fines to dog fouling offenders.

Following a large response from the article, The Extra took to the streets to ask the public for their opinions.

Carol Moir, from Shawlands, believes that the problem has worsened in the past year, despite the high profile campaign by Glasgow city council.

The 53-year-old told The Extra: “I live in high flats and the area around them is horrific. I’ve seen people go out with big dogs and let them leave mess anywhere.

“There are also people keeping dogs in flats when they shouldn’t be, and warning letters have been sent out to everyone, I think because of all the fouling in the area”.

Muhammed Umer used to live on Victoria Road, and is now visiting from London, where he says the problem is just as bad.

He commented: “It’s not good for the area — I don’t have a pet but I have noticed mess on the roads, here and down there.

“People have to deal with it if it’s their dog — it’s not anyone else’s responsibility”.

Former King’s Park resident Stewart Moffat suffered problems with dog fouling in his driveway, but commented that he sees less of it now that he lives in Stamperland.

He added: “There’s always a danger in the park though, where kids play. It’s my pet hate, seeing it on the street”.

Linda Jenkins (64) carries disposable bags with her and cleans up after her dog, Murphy, when out for walks.

The Giffnock resident told The Extra: “I always lift it up — even when I had two dogs I made sure I did.

“There’s one dog walker who lets their dog do its business in front of my gate every night, and I’d like to catch them in the act, because it’s disgusting. The only complaint I’d make is that there aren’t many bins for it nearby, and I sometimes have to use normal bins instead”.

Meanwhile Clarkston resident Lynsey Cochrane wrote in this week, suggesting that a campaign similar to the Clean Glasgow drive would benefit East Renfrewshire.

She added: “I took my daughter to Rouken Glen park on Saturday and there were three instances of dog fouling around the duck pond, which is just selfish when there are children running around.

“My daughter ran through one of them, so it was shoes off in the car and bleach out when we got home.

“It’s all the more upsetting because it’s a family area, and I think Clarkston could benefit from a similar campaign”.