A way out

POLICE have launched the second phase of their domestic abuse campaign.

The message they are promoting is that young people should remember help is available if they feel under threat of domestic abuse.

At the launch, officers from Strathclyde Police’s Domestic Abuse taskforce, along with staff from ChildLine, spoke to Glasgow fifth and sixth year pupils, giving them information on where to get help if they experience this form of abuse.

Detective inspector Craig Wilson of the taskforce said: “This phase of our campaign speaks directly to young people who are experiencing domestic abuse at home.

“Along with our main partners in the campaign, ChildLine, we are hoping to encourage the young people affected to seek help.

“They do not have to speak to a police officer — they can speak to a trusted adult such as a teacher or call ChildLine where they can receive the support they require”.

Manager of ChildLine Glasgow Susan Dobson stressed that everyone should feel safe in their own home.

She said: “Domestic abuse is wrong and you and your family do not have to put up with it.

“It can be really hard if someone in your family is violent, especially if you love them.

“You can feel confused and hurt but it can help to talk about how you feel. If you need to talk about what’s happening to your family, but don’t know who to talk to, ChildLine is here for you — day or night, every day of the year”.