A conman calls

HEARTLESS thieves are once again targeting elderly people.

In their latest scam, they’re after bank account pin numbers in an elaborate rouse.

East Renfrewshire Council issued a warning after an elderly resident in Newton Mearns was the victim.

A conman called her claiming to be from the woman’s bank and that her debit card had expired and would have to be replaced.

Although the pensioner checked her card and told the caller there was still some time before it expired, she was told that there had been a fault and that a new card would be sent from Edinburgh in a few days.

In the meantime, the caller claimed, they would send a courier to collect her old card.

The caller used a name that the women recognised as someone she had dealings with before at the bank.

The caller also advised her to change her pin number and to give him the existing number so it could be cancelled and a new one issued.

Within half an hour a man called at the woman’s house claiming to be the courier and the she handed over her card.

Two hours later her actual bank called to question some large transactions that had gone through that afternoon.

Police were alerted and called to get details of what had happened and to comfort the distraught pensioner.

Investigations are underway, though it is unclear if the money will be returned.

Steve Fox, of East Renfrewshire council’s trading standards, said: “We urge residents to be alert for this type of scam.

“Firstly, no bank calls and asks for personal details.

“You should never give personal details in response to a phone call and never call a number give to you as a result of a phone call you received.

“Also, investigate whether your telephone provider has a way of preventing these calls.

“There might be some small charge for this”.