£4,000 worth of school vandalism

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An irate parent is appealing for help to put an end to a spate of vandalism that has run up a bill of more than £4,000 of repairs to a primary school at the start of the new school year.

Simon Cunningham, chair of the parent council at Netherlee primary says the school has been “plagued with vandalism”.

He told The Extra: “Just over this last weekend, we have seen thousands of pounds worth of damage.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Mr Cunningham. “They’ve ripped open sandpits; smashed bike stands — they actually managed to rip out the whole bike rack from the ground.

“They’ve painted or broken benches - I’ve even seen kids ‘playing’ on the school roof.

“There are smashed wine bottles that our janitor has his work cut out coming in early to clear up before the school opens.

“Vandalism happens even at weekends and we have clear CCTV coverage that is being investigated.”

“Something has to be done about this and I appeal to residents or visitors near the school to call 101 if they see anything happening.”

A spokesman for the community police for the area said they are aware of the problem.

He told The Extra: “We are aware of the ongoing vandallism and are investigating the issue. We are also co-ordinating school visits with community wardens.

“I would reiterate the messaged from concerned parents that, if anyone sees anything suspicious or sees anyone causing damage to call 101.”